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10:24 AM

Ressurection of the former ''.

as you probably can see the site is not done yet.
it will probably be done by summer 2013.
then i will post psp and psv encodes of anime.

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8 negima   (2013-04-25 8:59 PM)
i sense roots :O

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7 -Nyan-   (2013-03-13 10:16 PM)
yay biggrin

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6 BeatDown23   (2013-03-01 9:05 AM)
Can't wait cool

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5 Ikaros   (2013-03-01 7:40 AM)
I miss this site!!!!

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4 Carashx   (2013-02-24 11:34 AM)
FINALLY!!! RESSURECTION!!! ive been waiting for this for sooooooooo long. i never thought it'd be ressureced. i was looking over the web, hoping to see this page again, by some miracle, i guess, and its being ressurected! im sooo happy. try not to shut it down again this time, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase. biggrin

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3 majestix   (2013-02-24 9:28 AM)
O_o are fixing it....nice nice

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2 Blakeypoo   (2013-02-21 0:43 AM)

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1 SethRurushi   (2013-02-16 4:57 AM)
On a whim I decided to check on this, and I suddenly find that it's been ressurtected!
I hope it doesn't crash and burn like the old one did.
And also the login button doesn't work, neither does pressing enter.
I don't even know how I managed to log in.

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